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The Machine consists of rectangular table rigidly connected by four support arms to two spindles at a horizontal distance of 600 mm from the centre of the table. The table can be raised and allowed to fall freely by a cam which is connected to a motor, through a distance of 25mm. The cam rotates at a rate of 60 rev/min. You can vary from 60 strokes to 240 strokes per minute by means of a controller.

The jolts are provided by a heavy duty vibratory motor, fixed to the top table. The amplitude and the frequency of jolts can be changed from 10 to 50 jolts per second by the controller.

A stroke counter fitted with micro- switch is provided, which stops the machine after the predetermined Bumps.
The Article to be tested is clamped on to the top table by means of adjustable slings.

Features :
This is a machine to simulate the motion imparted to objects carried in trucks, trains etc. on long distances.
The machine ensures the mechanical stability, sustainability of a product during such transportation.
It can be also a test of a product for rigidity, strength of parts and longevity.
The parameters for Bumping and jolting can be changed.

This machine is a SIMULATOR of the bumps and jolts experienced by articles transported by road. Many a times the goods are found in a bad shape at the destination, when carried by trucks. To overcome this failure and to correct the processes, materials etc. during the manufacturing, packing the articles, to determine the suitability of the packing material etc., this machine is of great help.